Did you know that the Jewish & Christian Bibles originate from Moses' Book of the Law and other scrolls?

Translations included on this site are King James and New International Version (NIV) (Protestant translations).
In Christian Bibles, the books are grouped by Old & New Testaments. Compare the Old & New Testaments.
Tanakh books (the Jewish Bible) are linked to Jewish Virtual Library.

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Each King James and NIV chapter has passage outlines so you can get to the verses you want to read more easily.
Psalm 119 divisions also included (an acrostic psalm).

Basics of Christianity

Bible Project - How to read the Bible series
Bible Project - History of Bible Translation

Lessons learned from the Old Testament

The Trinity: God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit

Why follow Jesus Christ?

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Daily devotional and other Christian publications:

Our Daily Bread, GuidePosts, The Upper Room, Oswald Chambers - My Utmost for His Highest


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Additional study resources:

Knowing Jesus, Bible Study Tools - Concordances, Bible Project, Kingstone Comics, Lifeway.com, Rose Publishing, Bible History Online

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